Thursday, January 18, 2018


So, with the advent of things like Google Domains and the ability to build prefab websites like this, I'm venturing outside my comfort zone a bit (Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook...) to try and put together my own space - complete with snazzy domain name!   The last time I tried building a website was circa 2003 with some freebie hosted space on college servers (back in the Olden Times when HTML code strings had to be typed out by hand! *gasp*)  Needless to say, this is MUCH easier.

So - a little about my current plan(s) for this blog:

  • Japanese culture commentary as viewed by a non-Japanese person (with years of study and a formal degree) -- which will likely be more along the lines of "here's this thing that's considered normal or good manners in Japan, for those of you who are just joining us now" or "guess what I learned today!" than any sort of deep critique. [I already did my time in school with long, scholarly essays on culture. I'm not keen on revisiting those sleepless nights and endless scrambles for source citations.  Maybe someday I'll even dig up my senior thesis and post it for everyone to laugh at enjoy.] 
  • Kimono adventures, shenanigans and coordinates -- I'm "Godzilla" sized at a plump five-foot-nine, which means a heck of a learning curve on getting a very straight-cut garment to fit an oversized, curvy frame.  If you know anything about kimono sizing, that's a 172cm height and a 79cm yuki. Anything ready-made will either fit in length or hips, but never both.
    • I may occasionally direct folks to a co-kimono site, since I'll be a certified kimono teacher in short order along with a fellow Tea student and we'd like to establish a proper business of lessons and dressing in the Orange County, CA area. Spread the word! [She's busy setting up the domain right now - link to follow once it's live.
  • Tea ceremony - Adventures, commentary, the occasional gripe of a long-time-student-and-forever-beginner with not nearly enough Japanese language comprehension.  For in-depth historical commentary and translations of Rikyu's original writings, I HIGHLY recommend checking out  -- Mr. Burkus' work is exceptionally detailed, and exceptionally underrated. (And unpaid -- if you have the ability, consider sending a few dollars to his PayPal. He, like many of us, is not so lucky as to turn his passions into a paid career. Every penny helps.) 
  • The occasional cross-post to my Etsy shop and domain:  [Like I mentioned above, the advent of one-click site setup has made my entrepreneurial plans much simpler to execute.]

Me with a mannequin of 'average' Japanese stature. Did I mention I'm Godzilla-sized?

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