Friday, April 6, 2018

It's official!

Well, it's official -- I'm a licensed kimono teacher through the YamanoRyu school of kimono.


A few snapshots of the big day, posted on Aiko Jane's blog:   (Aiko Jane is the head of YamanoRyu - so it's pretty darn awesome to be featured on her personal blog! I'm the third photo down, receiving my kaban from her.)  Also, take a look at Aiko Jane's kimono - it is EPIC and I adore it!! She designed it herself. The map of Japan with bling and stunning color contrasts is so pretty. Learning to sew kimono jumped up to the top of my bucket list after seeing her designs.

kaban ceremony

This means that now I can take students and help them achieve certifications at the shoden and chuden level of YamanoRyu.  I'm working on assembling handouts and information regarding that, because I'm a firm believer in having relevant data in one place.  Since the certificates are through YamanoRyu, there is a set textbook, course curriculum and pricing, as well as required and recommended supplies.  I've been learning about kimono since 2003 and I still had to go through the entire course from start to finish - there are no shortcuts. And frankly, it was a LOT of good information and training that helped me be much more efficient and neat in my kitsuke. YouTube and books are nice, but they are no substitute for the face to face dialogue available between a student and teacher. :)

More to come later  - stay tuned.